* NOTICE: As of January 1, 2019, a NEW fee structure has been established *

$269.00 includes

Medical Screening
Digital X-Rays
Standard (30  minute) Dental Cleaning
Dental Hygiene Exam
Fluoride treatment
Oral Cancer Screening
Oral Hygiene Instruction

House/Extended Care Facility Visitation

Following the initial visit Front Door Dental recommends regular maintenance intervals that range from 2-4-6 months depending on the needs of the patient.  The maintenance appointment will also include a dental hygiene exam and a fluoride treatment if desired.

$229.00 per maintenance visitation

Sometimes our teeth and gums shows signs of needing periodontal therapy or what some people refer to as a “deep cleaning.” Some of the signs including heavy bleeding while brushing and hard calcium deposits called “tartar” or “calculus” can be felt under the gums and seen on our state-of-the-art X-Rays. Front Door Dental recommends getting your gums and dental health back on track with a deep cleaning whenever necessary and then follow up with regular maintenance appointments to keep the “tartar” from forming again.

$169.00 per quadrant (mouth is broken down into 4 quadrants)

Just because you don’t have teeth doesn’t mean your denture doesn’t need a little TLC. The same hard deposits that are found on the teeth are also found on dentures and should only be removed by a professional. We recommend all edentulous have an oral cancer screening and a professional denture cleaning once a year. We also make sure that your dentures are fitting properly and we will refer you to your dentist if there is a need for a reline or a denture adjustment.

$129.00 Denture Care Includes

Professional Denture Cleaning
Oral Cancer Screening
Periodontal Exam
Referral to a Dentist

Have a toothache? Front Door Dental is happy to make a service call to access your dental needs and make the appropriate referral to a dentist or dental specialist. We will take all necessary X-Rays and send them to your dentist via secure ad encrypted email. Your dentist can then make the appropriate diagnosis of your aching tooth.

$149 Emergency Call Includes

X-Rays (2)
Referral to a Dentist
Limited Oral Evaluation

Continuing a relationship with your dentist is important. Front Door Dental recommends an exam with your dentist two times a year