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Medical Screening
Digital X-Rays
Dental Hygiene Exam

We know that you value your oral health but making the trip to your dentist has become more and more work. Front Door Dental can assist you or your loved one with their dental hygiene needs in a safe and comfortable environment. All equipment is portable and brought into any living space to help achieve your best smile. Our mission is to provide access to comfortable dental hygiene care to improve the quality of life for you or a loved one. (No actors were used in the making of this video)

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“No matter where you are, we’re always at your door.”

Periodontal Therapy

Not all dental cleaning are the same! After reviewing your digital x-rays and performing a dental hygiene exam your hygienist will inform you about the appropriate dental cleaning to achieve your best smile. Periodontal therapy or what some people refer to as a “deep cleaning” is warranted when hard calcium deposits called “tartar” or “calculus” builds under the gum tissue, in periodontal pockets. The purpose of this therapy is to prevent Periodontal disease and future tooth loss. Periodontal disease warning signs include heavy bleeding while brushing, dark pink gum tissue, and bad breath or unpleasant taste.

Periodontal Maintenance

Following any periodontal therapy your hygienist will recommend the appropriate frequency to have your teeth cleaned. No two people are the same and neither are our dental hygiene needs. Frequencies can range from two months to one year depending on your medical history, your periodontal status, your home care, and your ability to remember to brush two times a day whether you have your own teeth or replacement teeth.

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